Friday, 10 August 2012

A Twinkly Indoor Tea party !

I really wanted to throw a tea party this afternoon.
I have  pretty cupcakes from a brand new cupcake store, pretty china and tea all ready to go.
I had it all planned from the linen, silver and cups.
it is raining sideways !
the wind is blowing my garden apart
and I am stuck inside my home.
So my afternoon tea party will have to wait for another day I'm afraid.
Don't be disappointed though because I still have these gorgeous photo's to share !

So to warm up and keep my tea party dream alive I have flicked back to 2011.
It was a sweet afternoon gathering at one of my favourite stores Shabby Sheilas.
The girls were launching their new range of pretties and I was invited along to join in the festivities and of course take snaps of all the fun.
I was just a newbie blogger at the time and only shared one or two pics.
Today I thought these photo's were worthy of a new fresh blog.
I was so captivated by the heart shaped fairy light wreath with it's twinkling lights bouncing off the china teacups during the event.  All throughout the afternoon I kept finding myself back at this pretty table taking yet another happy snap.  It was a table full of eye candy and mouth watering treats.

Every single cup and saucer set was divine. I could have taken a sip out of every single cup !
and that heart shaped fairy light wreath is just beautiful and very much the centrepiece of the whole room. It's twinkling lights gave a warm welcome to the guests and turned plenty a head to it's direction.
Twinkle twinkle little star....

It was almost a shame to ruin it all by taking anything yummy for your plate.
we all did !

It was such a wonderful afternoon and it was lovely to be part of it all.
Shabby Sheilas is always such a beautiful  store to visit.
Take a peek at their website at some of their lovely things.

It's been a muddled up and very short week  on French Blue and Peachy Pink. I have lots of catching up to do next week.
I have lots to share and I'm hoping Mr Sunshine will pay is a visit over the weekend so that I can take some pretty pics.
I hope that you all have a great weekend and I will be back on Monday to chat with you all.

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  1. Hi Melanie! Wow! That looks like a whole lot of tea party fun!
    Come on Mister Sunshine!