Monday, 17 September 2012

A New Discovery.....Tobacco Cards

The last thing in the world that I need right now is a new fetish ! lol

But on my flea market travels a new fetish began.
On my search for more antique postcards I stumbled upon these tiny little cards in an old album.
I had never seen them before.
Some were very masculine and had sports stars on them and others had horses and dogs. I kept flicking through the album feeling as though they weren't for me when I spotted these pretty ones.
The fellow who was the seller was quite elderly and selling off a lot of his things. He was an avid antique collector and had lots of old tools and 'boy stuff'.
He wandered over to me and struck up a friendly conversation. He told me that these little cards used to come in tins of tobacco in days gone by. A lot would be sporting type cards that men were interested in since smoking was quite popular with men in that era.

These cards were a little scruffy and tattered around the edges but I knew straight away that they would be perfect for craft and card making. At $1 a card they were cheap and affordable and a little different.  The friendly gentlemen was happy to chat with me, feeling pleased that he had found some of his collection a new home. 
I will be sure to share what I make with these little treasures.
I have something special in mind.

I love the swan.
I wish it hadn't have been folded in the middle though.....
and aren't the fair maidens beautiful !
and I love this pretty botanical one with the Dogwood tree

Maybe some of you collect these cards and can tell me something else about them. I imagine they would be from maybe around the 1920's-30's but I can't be sure.
I would love to know more about them though !

I hope you all have a fantastic day and I will see you all tomorrow !



  1. Hi Melanie! They ARE pretty! Why can't they make pretty imaged things like that now? Pout.

  2. Never knew about these either, they look wonderful and pretty...very nice...Have a great new week with love Janice