Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Silk Embroidered Flowers From France

On Antiquing Saturday I found these really lovely silk flowers. They are from France and look as though they have been stashed in some body's collection and never used. They are a little squished but I'm sure they can be steamed up back into shape in no time at all. I haven't exactly steamed silk flowers before but I am told that it is relatively easy.  A Google search should help my cause......If all else fails search Google !
I am not sure what I will use them on yet....mmmm......still pondering on that one but they are so pretty and I was drawn to the washed out strawberry/peachy colours and I knew they would be perfect for something !  I just need to work out what that 'something' is ! :-)
In the meantime I have popped them into my lace display cabinet. (You can see that lace cabinet by looking HERE.

Yes I know !!!
You have spotted the crowns haven't you ?
Aren't they a little bit special !
I am told they were brought out for the Queen's Corination.
I only have a metre but I DO have something special planned for it.
(I will reveal that in good time.)

It has been a very nice day here today. I have not long returned home from a trip up to my local flower nursery in search for foliage and pretty flowers for Floristry.
It's amazing how the world of floristry has opened my eyes up to the possibilities of planting shrubs and plants that I once upon a time would not have given a second glance too.

Today I bought some variegated Apple Mint (perfect for Summer drinks but I had small posies in mind when I saw it).
I also bought another punnet of Hollyhocks to replace some that the snails had munched their way through. They had left me two solitary plants........very kind of them !
Then to my great surprise my beautiful Mum surprised me with a potted pink lavender bush.  She bought us both one......Thanks Mum xo

Now I will wait for the sun to cool down a little and I'll head out into the garden for a play !
Don't you just love Spring time ! It is BLISS !

Springtime makes everybody happy !
Especially the butterflies.

See you all tomorrow



  1. oh be still my heart!!!! these are gorgeous and you much have just fallen over in complete and utter delight when you saw them...HOW YOU ARE THESE!!!!!!! i am glad that spring time is bringing a smile to your face...here we are going into fall and the joy spring brings you...fall makes me happy because that means the HOT weather is over! :) YAY!!!! : ) these are just so incredibly lovely and gorgeous just like your heart!!!! i will be writing soon my friend -- just know that i am thinking of you and your are in a special place in my heart...I am also trying to see what little plan the phone company might have in store for a call down under! ; ) sending tons of hugs to you! love ya!!!! oh by the way -- i was thinking of you when i made that tutorial : )

  2. Yahoo for your spring and our autumn! I'll enjoy your garden when the weather gets very cold here!
    The ribbon roses are VERY pretty!

  3. Hi Melanie, hope you had a great summer. Oh to have a pink lavender bush, what a beautiful gift. What lovely things you picked up antiquing. I'm loving your silk French flowers, they are the pecfect shades of peach. I'm sure you will find a spot for them.
    Thanks for stoping by my blog, you are so sweet.