Friday, 7 September 2012

Friday and Free

I love Fridays !
It means rest and relaxation will soon be here.

So Miss Peachy Pink is about to put her feet up and reflect on her week.  She will dream about the lace she may find over the weekend if she happens to find herself in an antique store, she will drink tea and read books.
She will take time out to smell the roses.......
(Actually I will be smelling the sweet Jasmine that is happily flowering all over my side fence)

She will be as free as a bird !!!
and of course a Sunday afternoon snuggle with Miss Martha in the sunshine would be nice.
That's of course if Martha will move over and let me join her.........
She will hunt for lace and vintage silk flowers.....
and all without taking her crown off !

I hope your weekend will be just as relaxing !

I shall see you all next week !
Until then......



  1. Beautiful teacup,love the pink roses. Good that your kitty will let you 'dress her up', don't think mine would keep it on long enough to take a picture.

  2. Miss Martha looks thrilled to be draped in flowers! lol I love the smell of Jasmine btw & ♥drinking the tea as well. Hope you enjoy your weekend to the fullest. Peace & blessings.

  3. Lovely photo's. I really like the one of the teacup. Tea is such a wonderful thing.