Thursday, 6 September 2012

THURSDAY FLOWERS........Silk Flower Arrangements

Welcome to Thursday Flowers where I showcase my work from floristry class.

This week we worked with silk flowers. It was such a big difference to working with fresh flowers.  Silks are very forgiving and a lot easier to work with than fresh flowers. 

We made up 4 separate designs including a corsage and I used a massive bag of silks that I bought very cheaply at dollar stores.  The best thing about them is that I can pull them apart and practise designs with them.  They aren't anything fancy but they are simply to teach us our skills so I don't mind at all.

I have to admit I much prefer putting my nose into a fresh bunch of flowers and smelling the perfume.
On the other hand silks provide colour and longevity without the constant money outlay.

This week I made an arrangement for my beautiful Nan. She loves silk flowers and has a few little sprays around her home so I knew that my arrangement would be received with a smile.
When I knocked on her door this morning with her new arrangement in my arms she was so excited !   I chose blooms that I knew that she would like and kept the colour palette to something that would suit her decor.  I chose white hibiscus and peachy pink cosmos and cherry blossom for her and simple flat leaves.   She loved it so much that she has decided to go out and buy some new cushions for her sofa to match ! lol (I think I just opened a great big can of worms !)

Pictured below is the arrangement. (I took a few quick pics this morning in a rush so forgive the lop sided shots !)
(below) These are some of the blooms that I worked with.
(below) ...........and then we made a more modern design.
These designs look fantastic with fresh flowers and suit a quite modern home or office environment.
and there's nothing prettier than a sweet corsage that will never ever wilt.
Pictured below is our final design of the day.
It is a simple posy bowl and suitable for the middle of a dining room table or coffee table.
I used lots of roses and carnations in this design.
I had so much fun in floristry class this week. The room was full of happiness and laughter and most of all creativity.
We all created something unique and admired each others designs. It's always a pleasure doing something that makes you smile.


See you all tomorrow


  1. Very pretty arrangements, you did a great job!

  2. PH!! Those are gorgeous!

    Funny I do silk floral arrangements all the time but I seldom do REAL flowers b/c of the expense - but I just happened to make one last night for a party I am having.

    What a funny coincidence.

    Your arrangements are very beautiful, and sometimes nie when they will last a while, yes?

  3. Lucky you finding a floristry class... Your creations are so lovely ... I love arranging flowers too... What fun you're having...Thanks for sharing the creative beauty...Hugs

  4. Hi Melanie! Wow! You are turning into a flower artist, for sure!
    I bet they smell delicious!