Friday, 21 September 2012

Shabby Chic Scrapbooking Goodies !

A long time ago now I was lucky enough to be introduced to one of those little treasures in life.
One of those 'forever friends'.
Her name is 'Aunty Vera'.
Well actually it is 'Vera' but because we have raised our children together and been friends for so long I affectionately call her Aunty Vera !

Well the name must have stuck with her because many years later she opened an online scrap booking store called AUNTY VERA SCRAP AND CRAFT.
She sells so many pretty scrapping goodies !
When I visit her home I always insist on visiting ' Aunty Vera land' and checking out her latest and greatest supplies.

On many occasions I have been sent surprise parcels in the mail from her FULL of gorgeous things. I highly suspect that Vera only keeps some of these pretties because of me so that she can indulge me and I adore her for it !
The children get so excited to see any of Aunty Vera's parcels arrive as she has been known to send serious amounts of treats in the way of lollies (candy).

A couple of days ago I received a little something in the mail and I wanted to share them with you all. I know that some of my friends out there love to scrap and create pretty things so I'm sure you would be interested in them as well.
I was super excited with this parcel though because it was so inspiring. Lots of oooo's and aaah's were heard coming from my mouth.

The task now is to create something pretty for her to show on her website and blog.
(I promise that I will come to the party with that request Vera)

So here are my new goodies !
Please visit her website and see for yourself why she has such a successful business and has lots of customers returning time and time again. Good old fashioned service is what you will find with her. She is a real sweety and really looks after her customers.
You will find her website HERE

(pictured above) The fabric flowers are hand made with lace and buttons. The shades are  so neutral that you could use them on a multitude of colours.
(below) Isn't this paper just so pretty !
(It is my favourite)
I love this book of vintage inspired tickets from the Tim Holtz collection.
These tickets are perfect for card making or scrap booking albums etc.

They have the following words written on them

(Perfect for a baby album too !)
These pretty clear stamps depict old fashioned keys and locks. They fit into the whole old world theme that I love.  (Aunty Vera knows my taste very well.)

Miss French Blue and Peachy Pink is taking a short blogging break.
I will be back in a weeks time with fresh inspiration and tales to tell.
It is school break here as of next week and my little darlings will be demanding some time with their Mum.  I plan on adventures to pretty places, gardens and the beach. I will charging up my camera and will be sure to share my escapades with you all.
(I will be sure to say hi on my facebook page too)
Everybody have a fantastic weekend !

See you all in a weeks time


  1. Aunty V is awesome! What a wonderful surprise!

    Enjoy your break and your bab ies, Mel- they stay little for a month then they fly away on their own I swear - way too fast, enjoy your springtime, hon.

  2. WOW Melanie, what a sweet friend to send you these lovely goodies for you to play with. For sure I'm going to check out her place. Enjoy your break.

    1. Tell Aunty Vera that I sent you, she has some beautiful crafting goodies Marlene that I know you would love. Our tastes are quite similar I think x

  3. I want an aunty V! : ) LOL!!!! oh mel -- all of these fabulous goodies are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO YOU!!!! pretty -- elegant -- vintage in style -- beautiful inside and out!!!! LOVE seeing them and hope to see some of your creations upcoming! I hope you and yours have a picture perfect weekend and joe and i are sending you tons of hugs!!!! : ) love you!

  4. Our Australian friends are here and they told me that school break is beginning at home.
    Your scrapbooking goodies are delightful. Yay for Aunty Vera!

  5. so so glad you are back from your holiday and had such a fabulous time! refreshed and renewed : ) YAY!!!!!!! would love to hear more about your ventures : ) it is true...never had a straight up martini : ) LOL!!!!! i am more of a wine person! I am going to have to try one but I think it will be a chocolate one or an appletini : ) sending you and yours tons of hugs and much love! talk to you soon ...much love...

  6. Love the idea! Vintage is one of my favorite ideas to make.