Tuesday, 2 October 2012

My Travels......The Berry Tea Shop

Hi, I'm back !
What a delightful week I have had off.
I have been resting up in a quaint country town with the family.
In between sporting commitments with my son I managed to put my feet up, drink tea and coffee and go antiquing.
Yes someone had to do it and it may as well be me ! :-)

After a tad bit of whining in the car of 'How long till we get there !,' we finally reached the last 20 minutes until our destination. We were travelling down along the southern coast of NSW Australia.  It is a beautiful coastline with pristine beaches and green valleys of farmland. Sleepy cows munched through paddocks and barely lifted their heads as we "moo'ed' out the windows at them.
That's country life I guess, nobody is in a hurry to do anything at all.

The children were so over travelling at this point. They desperately needed to run around and stretch their legs.
'Almost there kids !'


I saw it !

A pretty little town called BERRY.
A small township jam packed full of tea shops, bakeries, craft stores and decorating stores.
HEAVEN had arrived..........
well for me at least !
In the back seat I heard a sigh and saw some little eyes rolling.
"Oh No," one of my boys said.

They know me too well. They knew I just had to stop and get out.
Well in the short half an hour I was 'allowed' to stay I had darted and dashed into several gorgeous little stores and making a mental note of the address of many others. This was a town that needed more discovery. It was a town that 'needed' me to visit.
I could almost hear whispers of my name being called.

After torturing bored little boys with my pink frilly shops, I bribed them with an ice cream and declared to come come back again........by myself !

As it happened a dear friend of mine lives not far from this town and we met the very next day and well and truly left our mark on the pavement.

This week on
I will share my journey with you all.
I will share garden gates,
front doors, flowers and antique finds.

The first place I will show you is perhaps the sweetest tea shop I have ever had the pleasure of taking tea in. It was full to the brim of teapots, tea, tea cosies, china cups and pretty bunting hanging across the room.
The chairs and tables out the front caught my eye first.
I saw pink and made a beeline to see what shop it was.
Tea and cake was on our agenda so we toddled on in for a nosey.
Shelves of prettiness lined the walls.
Yummy cakes and biscuits sat waiting to be tasted and tea was on offer to taste at a little table by the front door. Every part of this tea shop whispered 'inviting'. Between the eye candy and the sumptuous smell of brewing tea it was hard to know what to do first.
We found ourselves a little table, ordered our cake and chose our tea.

This was my tea of choice.
It was called......wait for it.....
Yes you heard correctly, that's the name of it.
Now you know why I just had to try it.
Everyone needs a little peace and quiet !
and it went perfectly with my cake !

and of course I was on the hunt for something pink and blue to share with you all.
and out of all tea cups in the store I loved these two the best !
Wedgwood of course !
Floating tea cups and pretty plates gracing the walls, this place was just a picture.
I could have sat in there for hours......
For all of those Alice In Wonderland lovers out there, then you will love these beautiful linen tea towels !

So if you should ever find yourself in this little part of the world, pop in and say hi. The staff were friendly and the tea was delicious.
I know that you will love it as much as I did.
(They also have a website where you can purchase their teas)
Find their website HERE

Join me tomorrow when I take you on another stroll into another pretty place.....
do you fancy coming ?


p.s  Did I mention that I missed you all ?


  1. ohhhh, I love the tea shop, I could spend hours in there! The "peace and quiet" tea and cake looks so yummy! I'm sure you had a wonderful time. I'll be ready for your tour tomorrow

  2. Hi Melanie!
    I love the tea shop, too! I wish I had a piece of that lemon/blueberry cake right now.