Wednesday, 10 October 2012

A Sweet Little Valentine From Long Ago

Once upon a very long time ago.....
this sweet valentine was given to a loved one.

Today it is fragile and falling apart and the giver and receiver have more than likely left our world.
I wonder if their love lasted a life time ?
Did they end up happily ever after ?

I wonder if the couple who shared the love in this valentine were courting or engaged to be married ?
I wonder if it was given in secret behind an apple tree and the gentlemen gave a his lady a sweet kiss ?
Maybe it was given anonymously ?

There are a multitude of scenarios and cupid is the only one who knows the answer.

I do know that I looove this sweet valentine.
It is so pretty with it's dainty filigree lace paper.
A little piece of the seal has torn away but somehow stayed safely inside the card.
The scene inside the card depicts a couple very obviously in love.
In very worn and in faded writing on the outside of the card a name has been scrawled but I cannot read it.

This card is now kept safe and preserved in my antique greeting card album. I absolutely love it !
It has been a very big day today for Miss Peachy Pink.
I am off to snuggle up in bed with a good book and a cup of tea.

See you all tomorrow for

I have lots of pretty pics to share.



  1. oh BE STILL MY heart! such beauty!!!! you always amaze me with your treasures! sweetie -- did you get my email that i sent you on Sunday? just wanting to make sure : ) sending you tons of love and hugs and can't wait for thursday and all the beautiful pictures : ) HUGS!!!

  2. So pretty, Melanie! Such precious things kept all these years.