Wednesday, 3 October 2012

The Sweet Little Town Of Berry

and so it continues.....
My trip to the beautiful little coastal community of Berry in NSW Australia was both picturesque and delightful as far as my taste buds were concerned.
Whilst strolling up the quaint little main street we happened across the most divine little bakery.
It looked as good as it smelt too with it's yummy sourdough bread, croissants cooling on a rustic shelf and delectable cakes.
It wasn't quite time for lunch yet but we knew that we would be back to splurge on something yummy. Rumour had it that they served the best sourdough bread around and the chocolate brownies behind the glass counter had our mouth buds watering.
The staff were so friendly and welcoming and were a credit to their employer. Nothing was a trouble to them and they were aways smiling which is always a true sign of a healthy wonderful workplace as far as I am concerned.
This sweet bakery is online too. You will find them HERE

There was a very cool bright orange bike out the front with loaves of crusty bread sticks gracing it's basket. (It had to have a photo of course !)

Later in the day we headed back to this beautiful bakery and this is what we bought.....mmmmmm

The chocolate brownie was superb......if only it was close enough to buy more !
Wandering down the bustling street we saw a cow !!!
Obviously the paddocks had him bored and he wanted some company.
Maybe the smell of the lattes coming from the cafes enticed him ?
 I spotted a couple of these old vintage doggy charity boxes in the main street. They were very old and worn but they brought back such beautiful childhood memories. I just loved 'feeding' these doggies money when I was a little girl. You just never see these around anymore !
This store was absolutely beautiful !
It was packed with exquisite home wares, soaps, linens and lamps.
It's delightful owner was lovely to speak with and she was very helpful with fun things to do around the area where we were staying.
I bought some really lovely French gift tags from her with botanical vegetables on them. (I'll share them later)
What really drew my eye in this little town were the shop signs. They were old fashioned swinging signs that hung above their stores. They weren't your modern day flurescent sign with lights flashing like beacons, they were sweet and charming and I really loved the calmness of them.
The names of the stores and the gentle designs of the graphics led one into the store to explore further.
and then it was time for lunch !
After spending so much time wandering around we ran out of time to eat. We wanted something yummy that wouldn't take lots of time to make. We settled on yummy gourmet sandwiches from
'The Emporium'.
We sat in the window seat and watched the world go by.
We munched on our sandwiches and drank coffee and tea and chatted about where we would head to next. We had only an hour left and I still wanted to walk through the back streets of Berry to see the beautiful country cottages and gardens.

and this sweet childrens book caught my eye for a bloggy friend of mine !
I just knew that she would love it's title.
(You will have to buy this book Miss Pom Pom !)

The rest of the afternoon sped by.
We chatted and laughed and explored.
The gardens and cottages were beautiful !
 I spent time with my sweet friend, ate delicious food and strolled through so many wonderful stores.
What a glorious day !

Tomorrow on FRENCH BLUE AND PEACHY PINK I will share some of the gardens and flowers with you all and on Friday I will share my vintage and antique finds !
I picked up some beautiful treasures so be sure to  come back and see.

See you all tomorrow !



  1. What a wonderful trip there, Melanie!

    The bakery sure looks yummy - and that orange bike is adorable!!!

  2. Looking forward to tomorrow's post. I enjoyed reading and seeing these wonderful places.

  3. Hooray! I must find that lovely Pom Pom book! Thank you!
    I enjoyed my virtual tour of happiness! I'll think about the streets and shops while I am at school today!
    Thank you, loving friend!