Tuesday, 12 February 2013

A Valentine From Yesteryear

Valentines Day is one of those precious times of the year where you can truly show somebody special how much you admire or love them.

I love that this beautiful day gives the opportunity for an unknown admirer to send a card or flowers to their secret love interest.  There is nothing more exciting then receiving something anonymous and wondering who in heavens name sent it to you.

Many many years ago when money was tight and the majority of people could not afford to spend money on bunches of long stemmed roses they instead gave a beautiful card to their loved one.  Whenever I see these cards I always buy them because they seem to be getting harder to find.
I found these two pretty cards at an antique store recently. They were from different homes but were very similar in style. Both are turn of the century and so very fragile. All of the filigree paper is beginning to perish but the graphics are still perfect.
They are real little treasures and I adore them both.

I love the little secret message underneath the filigree flap.
The little seal has fallen off over time but amazingly I did find the tiny piece among the pile of cards that I sifted through to find this card. I was so lucky to find it as it really makes the card so pretty.

It's a little tricky to read the name on the card but I think the senders name was Bryan Sinfield.  He must have been quite smitten with the Miss that he gave this sweet card too.

This is the second card.
It is very similar with the same filigree from the Victorian era.
I love the little 'Oh Think Of Me' seal that is on the card. 
More than likely sent to a sweetheart from an officer of war. A lot of war time greetings had this same greeting.
He must have been very lonely on Valentines Day !
Maybe he was home and about to leave for war soon after he gave this card.
I guess that something that I will never know for sure but it is certainly fun thinking of all the 'What ifs ' !

I hope that a little something finds it's way into your heart this Valentines Day.
There is nothing in this world that is more important then love.


  1. I love the paper doilies that I find in the kitchen aisle at the grocery store. I've always loved them.
    I hope you get a wonderful Valentine, Melanie!

  2. So lovely, perfect for a lace afficionado like yourself!

  3. Oh Bestill my heart! I know I am a little late...but this post is so gorgeous...my heart is pounding! You are simply amazing my friend! Love you! tons of hugs and we will talk soon : )