Wednesday, 13 February 2013

A Pretty Packet Of French Pins

A pretty packet of pins from 1888 is what I found out antiquing over the weekend.

They were in a glass cabinet screaming my name 


Who am I to refuse such pleading ?
So now they are :-)

The pins are a tad rusty but who wouldn't be after living for 125 years !
I was immediately attracted to the beautiful French packaging.  The whole package is so fragile and I have to keep this bundle well away from the light because I hope that it will last another 125 years (lets hope that I will be around to look after them ! lol)

On closer inspection when I got home and put my new glasses on I could actually read the writing.  I discovered that one of our Australian cities Melbourne was mentioned on the packet.
I have not looked into the history of these pins yet but plan to in the future. They are definitely French but I am curious as to whether the makers of the pins had it's sister company in Australia.

Enough rattling on now
You would probably like to see some photo's.

Pretty as a picture !

All of the pins seem to be original and are in various sizes and colours.

This is another pretty vintage packet of pins that I picked up a while ago.  
I loved the picture on the front.
Look closely at the light shade.....gorgeous !!!

I hope that you are all having a wonderful day !

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  1. Those pins are so gorgeous! I lve glass headed pins, but these are really the Rolls Royce of pins! Almost makes you want to leave them in your work so they can be admired by everyone!