Friday, 15 February 2013

My Initiation Into Floristry

There are no pretty pictures today everyone.......

Well, only this dark shot that I paused to take in the middle of a mad rush yesterday on Valentines Day.

I will however share my story of my initiation into the world of Floristry.

I was very lucky to be offered the opportunity to have work experience at a local florist store in the lead up to Valentines Day. A friend of mine recommended me and another friend from class to help the team where she works with their Valentines Day preparations. There were 3 days of work and I couldn't wait to get started.

The story however begins as soon as I park my car and hop out.  
I looked down at the road as I lock my car and notice a pure white feather at my feet.  I smiled :-)

I walked the distance from the car to the store where I was to work and right at my feet again as I stepped inside the store was another white feather.  I looked up and there were 2 more random feathers along my path.  Later that morning I went to wash my hands and there were more feathers at the tap.

I knew that my path had been set, my angels were close and I was truly meant to be here.

For those who do not know about my feather story you will find it HERE.

It truly was really tough work preparing for Valentines Day.  It wasn't the peaceful introduction to floristry that I had hoped it would be but it truly was an awakening of how busy this day was for florists all around the world.
The creative side came on day 3 of my work experience where I prepared wrapped single roses and box after box of rose arrangements that were all but flying out the door as quick as we could make them.
It was a great feeling of accomplishment that customers appreciated your work and were prepared to pay good money for your efforts.  
The roses boxes that I made were the only thing I had time to take a quick pic of as we were all so busy and we had to move quick.
This is the very sloppy dark looking pic that I took that I have pictured above.  

THE TWO DAYS BEFORE were a completely different kettle of fish.  Myself and another student stood for hours on end stripping thorns and wiring the roses for the florists to work with.
I lost count of how many we actually stripped, but my fingers tell a very sad story.  I will be picking thorns from my fingers for weeks ! OUCH !

Just when you thought you had reached the end of another bucket, another bucket full of roses would instantly appear.
Bucket after bucket of long stemmed red roses .
They were beautiful creatures but had thorns of death ! lol

I enjoyed my time working at  THE FLOWER PALACE                             and definitely learnt a lot from being there.  The staff were friendly and the owner appreciative and gave great feedback on our work which was fantastic.  There is nothing worse then working hard at something pouring your heart and soul into it only to receive no encouragement or appreciation.

I have always taught my children the old saying
 'YOU CAN CATCH MORE FLIES WITH HONEY THAN YOU DO WITH VINEGAR'.    More goodness will come your way if you repay hard work with praise rather then criticism.  I always tell them to always give their best and give it all they've got rather then doing half a job. I can only hope that they put this to practise in their lives.


Today I have had a relaxing day visiting a friend at an antique store who bought me coffee, had a good old chatter and I found the MOST AMAZING birthday present for myself (even though my birthday is halfway through the
I found 3 Edwardian era framed prints of a French lady. They are by the artist Marcus Stone who I am not familiar with but I plan on investigating.
The frames are original, I think made of Oak and are completely beautiful and compliment each print.  I am so excited to pay them all off and have them hanging on a wall in our home.

                You all just wait until you see them !!!  
                  Honestly they are 'to-die-for' !

I will have to be patient, but they are keepers and worth waiting for.  Do you know when you find something truly remarkable and you know that it is meant to be yours ? Well these exquisite prints are just that thing !
I wished that I had taken a quick pic of each print to show you all.  I was so lost in the excitement that it slipped my mind. You will all have to wait patiently with me ! lol
I hope you all have a fun weekend and I will see you all next week :-)
(I am in the mood for a tea party so make sure you all pop back to see pics !)


  1. Glad you enjoyed your flowery Work Exp and hope your poor fingers recover soon! Just think about how many smiles and kisses your hard work delivered! Nice to share the romance!

  2. Good Work, Melanie! I am soproud of you! I have made corsages and boutonieres for dances and flowers for 50th anniversary parties and weddings, mostly silks for weddings, some fresh, but I do love florals...I have never had formal training, that might be nice, but I have been doing it for at least 25 years now....on the side, when the occasion arises....