Tuesday, 26 March 2013

My Amazing Fleamarket Finds !

It was still dark outside, the birds were still asleep my pink kettle was on the boil and the people at the flea market were unpacking their wares.

I had a feeling that my Sunday was going to be a happy one. I could feel it in my bones that the Flea market Gods were smiling down on me.
I had decided the night before that I would get up super early so as not to miss the best pickings of the day.
After parking right out the front (that's a miracle all by itself !)  I hung my trusty green basket over my arm and almost did a hop-skip-jump into the big grassy parkland.
There were treasures everywhere and because the market had changed dates there weren't as many shoppers. WIN FOR ME !

The first stall had a very pretty white side table that was tempting but I thought about the multitude of tables in my garage waiting to be restored I quickly moved on..........
My eyes scoured every stall looking for treasures and it wouldn't be long before I found my favourite stallholders and began to fill my basket.
FIRST STOP LACE........Does that surprise you ?- $10
SECOND STOP an old chair from the 1920's - $10
THIRD STOP the most BEAUTIFUL big creamy white vase (I'll show you that later this week)
then it was a quick trip to add to my flower garden where I picked up 2 white Iris plants for a couple of $

and then I saw the stall to end all stalls !!!!
It was on my final loop around the grounds WHEN I SPOTTED THE HATBOX.It was lined with beautiful old bark cloth, was in great condition and had the label 'DAVID JONES SYDNEY' on the inside of the lid.

I had to have it 
and of course I did !
Honestly, every single item on the table made my heart go pitter- pat.  It was as if the flea market Gods had laid the table out just for me ! lol

I found some very pretty antique greeting cards, a vintage peachy pink cushion for $5 and a few other things that I will show you at a later date.  The sellers items were very well priced and it meant that I could have some fun buying. There is nothing worse then somebody selling at the markets with massive prices that should be saved for antique stores. If it's a fair and honest price then I am happy to buy.

Scroll down if you fancy a peak at my finds...

Isn't she beautiful !!!

and then there was lace , lace and more lace !

I wonder why this sweet lace collar never made it to the dress ?
(Sounds a little like some of my unfinished projects !)

Sparkly Buttons

My new peachy pink vintage cushion
You can see it can't you ?
The pretty parasol that is......
I will let her have her very own story on tomorrow's post.

and then just before I left to go home I found this sweet print.
The artwork is so lovely and I have just the spot for it.

So that's why I am so completely chuffed with my purchases !
Sometimes I can flea market and come home with an empty basket, but this particular day my trusty basket was bursting at the seams.

                  It had been a gold star flea market day !

Tomorrow I will share some pics of that gorgeous antique parasol.
                                   See you all again then.


  1. Great finds Melanie, I like buttons also and your lace.

  2. Look at you go! Weren't you tired from the wedding? I love the umbrella handle!
    Can you take a picture of your pink tea kettle?
    Have a happy day, good Melanie!

  3. Wow! Lucky lady! These really are super finds!

  4. Love the buttons(great find) & lace! The hat box is adorable too! I know you were happy than a bee in a pollen field. lol

  5. Wow, what a day you had...Oh, I would have bought everything you did!! I love lace and buttons and be still my heart! I have never seen a hat box that gorgeous...What a find!!! Happy Easter to you and your family!!


  6. I cannot believe I missed this post!!! What a score of a find! You really found some awesome items. We would have so much fun shopping together...fighting over the lace!! WINK!!