Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Victorian Parasol

I have a great fascination with Victorian parasols.
As a child I would love to take my little umbrella out into the sunshine and watch it spin around.
The silver metal spokes would catch the sun and I would be mesmerised. I would play dress ups in my mum's old dresses and heels and pretend that i was a lady.
Just like every other little girl loves to do.

I drool over Pinterest pages at all of the glorious old parasols.  Some are in museums and have belonged to princesses.

It actually belonged to some body's Grandmother.
I asked the young lady why she would ever let such a beautiful heirloom leave her clutches.
Her reply, "because my husband has threatened to throw many of my treasures out because I have so much so I thought I would let some of them go to a good home."

I actually scratched my head in wonder why a loving husband would do such a thing ?
But I was so taken with this pretty parasol that the lady was happy that it would now be mine.

It is made of silk and has a pretty rose pattern on it.
The spokes are all perfect and it is in good working order. The handle is hand carved wood and a little cream tassel hangs from it.
Unfortunately moths have taken to the silk in patches in a couple of areas but it's beauty still shines through.

If I close my eyes then I can picture the lady's Grandmother walking along the street shading her face from the sun.
She would have looked quite the picture with her very pretty parasol !

If you could just see it in real life and feel the silk you would adore it as much as I do.
                     Moth holes or not, I love it anyway !

                I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow for  
                             THURSDAY FLOWERS


  1. Hi Melanie! I can see why you love it! I love it, too!

  2. I just adore antiques! Love the handle for almost any type of wood is attractive to me.

  3. Lucky girl. I'm using a Japanese oil paper parasol until I can find an antique that I can afford.

  4. One loses, one gains.

    I am very glad it did indeed go to a very good home to a gal who will love and treasure it always.

  5. Perfect colours for you! It's so elegant.

  6. Hello Melanie!!
    Yes, it's 2 o'clock in the morning here right now and I've only just sat down for a trip into blogland for the evening. I spent I don't know how much time trying over and over and over to get my new blog header correct! It finally turned out alright, but not the way I intended it to be. But oh is good enough! After that 2 hour long process this morning after my post was finally finished, I thought, forget it. I'll get back on the computer tonight! Well, after church we were exhausted. SO, after a while I now have my second wind! I almost went into my craft room to look at my lace and play, but instead I thought, I wonder what Melanie's been up to? did the wedding go??? I prayed for you!! I see that you've been busy doing a bit of shopping and came off with a gorgeous parasol!! LOVE that you have your own now!!! That's exciting!! Tomorrow is Thursday and garage sales are listed in our paper, so on the pretext that we have to go to town in the morning and do some running around, I'm sure I'll get to one or two....I'm driving, so why not???
    Hugs to you!!