Monday, 25 March 2013

My First Wedding As A Florist

On a beautiful sunshine filled day a beautiful bride married her Prince Charming.

It was a perfect day full of love and lots of smiling faces.

It was also a very happy day for a floristry student who made her debut on the wedding circuit.
That student was ME !!!!

It was such an honor to play such an important part in this special day. After all, my flowers will be in almost every photo of every guest and photographer at the wedding. These photo's will be shown to many people over the bride and grooms lifetime and also handed down through the family in years to come.
It blows my mind that a little piece of me will be in these photo's. A piece of my creativity and love for flowers has now left a permanent footprint in this world of ours.
What a fantastic thing that is !


The beautiful bride was a pleasure from start to finish. She was so easy going and open to suggestions. She allowed me to create and fully believed in me that I would deliver something beautiful for her.
Thankyou so much Emma !
She never doubted even for a second that I couldn't do it.
It was just the most perfect way to begin my professional life as a florist and one that gave me such an important gift..........courage and belief in myself.

Flowers chosen by the bride were
red roses
black calla lillies
white calla lillies
rolled leaves
ribbon grass

Enough of the chit chat, scroll down and take a look for yourselves

Button holes for the boys

The bridesmaids carried simple bouquets of white Calla Lillies surrounded by rolled leaves and ribbon grass.
Very elegant !
and the wedding party arrived in this fabulous retro Combi Van !

and my most favourite moment was when the beautiful bride stepped out of the car and she was handed her bouquet.
I was as proud as punch !
..........but not half as proud as the brides Father !
and of course the wedding dress was spectacular !
It was so beautiful
and the red roses were a perfect combination.
and this sweet little cherub made me smile when she stood admiring her Mummy's bridesmaid bouquet. 
(love you Miss Ella Bella !)
......she is a very special person in my life, I am her Godmother and her Mummy is a beautiful friend of mine ! (love you too Kimmy !)
and as the crowd gathered to speak to the new 'Mr and Mrs', I was taking pics of my 'first born' bridal bouquet to add to my portfolio.
I was a proud Mama of that bouquet......

                    anybody would think that it was mine !  lol

But it looked much prettier when it was carried by the blushing bride who was cool, calm and collected from start to finish !
I remember my own bridal bouquet (which incidentally was made of red roses !) was shaking like a leaf  as I walked up the aisle. I was sooooo nervous !
BUT this bouquet was as steady and still and full of confidence.

What a beautiful day it was that sunshine filled day of happiness.
It is a day that is etched in my mind and will remain there for the rest of my days.
It was the day that began the rest of my life as a florist. It was my very first big official job and I smiled all day from ear to ear.
I guess that's when I knew that I was officially living my dream and yes I was very happy.

and now for a special little message to the bride and groom.

To Emma and James,
May your life together be eternally filled with love and happiness and the laughter of children.
Happy wedding day to you both and thankyou for letting me be a part of it all xx


  1. Congratulations! Beautiful work!

  2. The bouquet and the buttonholes are gorgeous! What a wonderful wedding! Well done, Melanie!

  3. OMGEEE...Melanie the Calla Lillies are GORGEOUS! Congrats on your 1st wedding! You did a fantastic job. I so adore weddings and this one looks like it was so nice. The bride is beautiful. What a quaint vehicle for the wedding party to use. <3 it! The pics are absolutely amazing!

  4. All I can say, Melanie is that those flowers were beautiful! I never saw black calla lilies before...I love them!
    Congratulations on you very first floral design opportunity!

  5. Oh wow! How absolutely beautiful! I love the dark colours -really unusual you would think until you see the campervan! I hope you are so proud, you thoroughly deserve the success. Many congratulations! Here's to many more . . . .

  6. Melanie,
    the flowers are so gorgeous! They were stunning with those gorgeous did an amazing job, girl. I hope you go get a massage with some of that money you earned! LOL
    You earned a massage as well!
    Hope you are having a good week! LOVE the pictures! Fantastic flowers, you are so very talented!!!!

  7. Oh Melanie!! They went together beautifully!! You did a truly brilliant job and I am so proud of you!! I know the bride is beautiful, but she was lovely with those flowers. I am so excited with you about your success!!
    Big hugs,

  8. OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODNESS...This is amazing...spectacular...wonderful...over the top GRAND!!!! Applause and APPAWS for you my friend! I knew from the beginning that this was your calling...not as fabulous as my birthday cake ...but pretty AMAZING : ) LOL!!!! you dearly!