Thursday, 21 March 2013

THURSDAY FLOWERS.....Pink, Pink and more Pink

This week in floristry class I decided that I had steered clear of pink for far too long !
I was trying to make a point of stepping outside of my pink comfort zone and use other colours too ! 

Actually I am not quite THAT bad using pink all of the time but I have been told that my designs are all very soft and pretty so I was on a mission to change that.
So after a few of weeks running of using other colours and a more slick design, I decided to make something that I LIKED !
I honestly think that the creator of anything in this world needs to LOVE what they are making or they just don't 'feel it'.
Of course there will be many times where somebody will order something that may not be my 'cup of tea' but it makes it all the more of a challenge to make it amazing in my eyes.

SO this is what I made !

Since we are focusing on bridal work at the moment  it was another beautiful bridal bouquet.
This one is called a 'Multi Trail Bouquet'
It is suitable for a bride who is the same height as the groom or has  a gathered bouffant waistline. It is informal and very soft and flowing

I used a different variety of foliage's that I hadn't used before and I really loved the effect.

My flowers were
Star Jasmine Vine
Spider Pups
Camellia Leaves

This week my bouquet was modelled by the man of the house.
He looks pretty doesn't he ! lol

I was wearing a red dress and my bouquet wouldn't suit !

Thankyou for stopping by to say hello and see my creation. I really love all of your comments and words of support. I had better get off the computer now and continue with this wedding.  The big day for the bride is tomorrow so I am busy busy busy !!!

                                    Happy a happy day !


  1. Melanie,
    It is so pretty! I think I used every color BUT pink! Well, that isn't true either...but I like to use the ivy growing in the front of my house for greenery, especially in corsages, when I don't have too many other greens. Last year I bought a fern plant that I was able to use all summer in florals, and that was nice to have growing. It was an annual, so I will have to replant one this year., but i am okay with doing that. I love plumosa fern...I always have. Good luck with your flowers for the wedding, although I see you don't NEED any luck! you've got the skill!
    Hugs to you....

  2. Darling Melanie, this is one of the most lovely bouquets I have ever seen...I am a big fan of pastel colors and you have exactly chosen everything that I´d go crazy about if I was a bride to be :-) :-)

  3. I am so impressed! That is gorgeous! And I know how much work goes into making that look like it was easily put together as I tried floral arranging once. Nope! Not for me. Could not make an evenly placed floral arrangement to save my life. So my hat is off to you! Job well done. And I love the "bride" in the white t-shirt and jeans... what a trooper!

  4. Melanie,
    I wanted to tell you I nominated you for the Leibster Award today! Please go to my post today,, and see what it is all about! Please let me know if you are interested in participating! I think you deserve a wonderful award! I love your blog!
    Hearts to you!

  5. How beautiful! So fresh and delicate, and anything pink is a winner with me! And the idea to use spider plants is pure genius! The variegation is so striking.

  6. Hey Melanie!!
    Well that is a gorgeous bouquet!! I think if I were a bride I would choose that one!!!
    I've been praying for you that the wedding would go well and that your part in it was a huge success!! I thought about you all day wondering...
    Looking forward to some lovely photos on your next post!!

  7. I hope the wedding is wonderful! I know it will be beautiful!

  8. Gorgeous bouquet...l've very much loved visiting you here...especially enjoyed the chickens wearing pearls...very chic:-))

  9. The man of the house does look pretty. lol Nice bouquet! I can get a taste of Spring from your flower pics because Spring definitely went on Spring Break here. Looking out of my window at snow right now. 1st week of spring...snow...really?