Wednesday, 10 April 2013

A Special Keepsake For Vera

Sometimes in our life we are fortunate to find a 'forever friend'. A special someone who laughs with you and consoles you when times get tough.
Many years ago when I was pregnant with our first child I was introduced to an amazing woman who I am proud to say is one of those forever friends.
Her name is Vera and she is simply beautiful.
She is the 'naughty Aunty Vera' who sends the children store shelf sized boxes of lollies for their birthdays. She is quite the legend in our home for remarkable gifts.  

A few weeks ago I was out at the flea market and I glanced over a locked glass case of jewelry. Jewelry wasn't really on my shopping list that day but when I saw the tiny sparkly gold brooch with the name of my dear friend I just had to have it.
Today the brooch found it's way to it's new owner where it will be worn once again.
That's the wonderful thing about antiques, the love stays with the item until it moves on to a new home and  can be enjoyed once again. My friend Vera LOVED her new gift and suggested that she might wear it as a scarf pin.

I am just happy that she loved it so much !

Thank you Vera for being you and for being my friend xo

See you all tomorrow for THURSDAY FLOWERS !


  1. Lucky Vera, it's gorgeous! I have a brooch with my name on that a Chinese trader made for me in the street in Berlin in 1986 when I was 21! It's only wire, but I love it and wear it often.

  2. How lovely!!! And I adore those dusty pink textiles...ahhh!

  3. Such a beautiful post. Thank you again for such a gorgeous and very Peachy Pink gift. Much love xxx V

  4. Pretty! Vera sounds like a super friend! Yay!

  5. Beautiful Treasure~ So nice to have a good friend~