Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Washing Day Peachy Pink Style !

As one side of the world prepares for glorious Spring, here in Australia we are in to Autumn.When the seasons begin to change and rain arrives I always pack up my precious lace and textile collection and pack it away to protect it from the elements.  
It's not that I have my beautiful things outside or anything, it's from things like dust from the wind and sunshine streaming in but mostly from  the damp. There is nothing more damaging to fine cottons and lace then mould.  
Protecting it is a must.

So today as the sun is happily shining I decided to take my treasures out into the garden and hand wash them, dry them in the shade.
Once they are dry I will press them with a very cool iron and pack them all away until Springtime.
It makes me love them all the more when I unpack them all when warmer weather approaches.

I do keep a small selection of lace out to enjoy over the colder months but the most valuable and precious pieces are packed safely away in boxes lined with tissue paper.

Today I thought that I would share my little ritual with you all.
This washing day is my most favourite of the year ! (yes perhaps I am a little crazy but I love to wash !)

I always use the mildest, most gentle soap possibly to wash these delicates with.  ALWAYS make sure you rinse all of the soap out after you have washed. Remnants of any soaps or powders can damage your fabrics and laces.s
I unpacked my gloves and they seem to have grown a little in numbers since last I remembered.......
My Grandmothers wooden ironing board and a vintage washing trolley made my wash day all the more sweeter.
I really am an old fashioned girl at heart.
and of course my wooden dolly pegs had to come out to play !


An old basin I have is the perfect vessel to wash in.
Today I washed with soap and warm water.
and my 'Peachy Pink' bed cap even had a quick dip !
I have had this bed cap for many years and I love it. It is the the perfect shade of pink that I like.

 A big puddle of French Blue and Peachy Pink gorgeousness !

and then I wheeled my trolley out to the clothesline and dried them all in the shade.

                                  Isn't my vintage laundry trolley so sweet !  
                              It makes washing all the more fun.


  1. Lovely!!!

    I actually WEAR hats and gloves to teas and to Easter services and such.....don't have any blue but sure do like it.

    I have a pink and a beige pair of the fishnet lace gloves, sold my black years ago and have regretted it since. I would like to find white too. And brown.

    Mel I love this post.

    And I really love you care for your precious treasures so well.

  2. Melanie,
    I love our sweet vintage things and your washing day just sounds like a treat!
    I can see that we would be fast friends if I lived near you! We have so much in common!
    I have done some washing recently of some linens and glvoes, but it was not as fun as yours looks. I do really enjoy ironing the linens I decorate with, They are the ONLY thing I enjoy ironing!LOL

  3. Melanie, you have such pretty items and make a lovely post with beautiful pictures! The washing of your dainty glove collection is so sweet. The colors are amazing! Hope you enjoy the cooler days. I am already sweating!

  4. I love washing and hanging out my vintage things too. There is something so satisfying about washing all the pretty things that have been washed by many others. And I love your laundry trolly, so cute!

  5. How is it that you make laundry look FABULOUS! ; ) Thanks for the morning smile my friend and once again I am so so excited for you and your new venture! I just love the story behind the "Mays" it's beautiful and heart warming...I just keep thinking of the pilgrims arriving on the Mayflower at Plymouth Rock...wish you were my florist on Thanksgiving : ) sending tons of hugs and love your way ALWAYS and looking forward to the continuing adventures of a florist artist in FULL BLOOM! hugs and love

  6. Melanie, I honestly want to jump into those pictures and be there. I also love to wash things, even hand washing the dishes is somehow fun for me. Well, not icky pots and pans, but everything else! It is so relaxing to see these beautiful pictures and those vintage gloves and everything. I love it. Thank you for sharing. I would also like to thank you for your wonderful comment. I am really being lifted up from these kind and supportive comments, and when I read them I just know I can keep going. I really appreciate you caring enough to let me know your thoughts. You have always been so sweet to me and I am lucky to call you a friend. Have a wonderful weekend! Hugs, Julie

  7. Beautiful! I was just listening to a song that goes "This is the fairy's wash day with acorn cups for tubs and tiny leaves for washboards. The fairies rub and scrub!" You are like the fairies, washing your pretty things out in the sunshine!
    I noticed some of the comments people leave me go unpublished even after I publish them, using my phone. I fixed it, but I didn't want you to think I don't publish your dear comments.

  8. Such lovely things! I thought you might be interested in a recent blog post I made about using my antique lace curtain stretcher on a pretty spring day!

  9. Your wash day looked like such a wonderful day...I love the wooden iron board and your laundry trolly looks great so pretty pretty gloves and things to wash how could you not be happy...Happy Weekend with love Janice