Thursday, 11 April 2013

THURSDAY FLOWERS.....Flowers and Doilies

Flowers My Style !

There is a very good reason why I have been a quiet little blogger of late. I have been preparing to launch my new florist business.  I am gathering bits and bobs and writing ideas down. 
I am thinking of a business name and getting just a little bit creative.

I have never ever been one to follow trends.
I get extremely bored with traditional ways of wrapping flowers.  Plastic wrap and nylon ribbon bores me to tears.
There are sooooo many wonderful textiles, ribbon and vintage fabrics out there in the marketplace already so why not use them ?
Why not use something that can be recycled or re used. Re purposing is a fantastic thing.

I have my very first Mothers Day as a florist in a few weeks and I wanted to put my own little stamp on my product.
Yes a little plastic has been used, but only a very small amount. Instead I have wrapped my blooms with doilies and fabrics and I will tie them all up with simple twine or fabric strips.
Vintage is my theme this Mothers Day and you will find my arrangements being presented in vintage vases and bowls instead of  plastic ones.  The vases and bowls can be re used and minimal impact to the environment is my object.

Pictured underneath is a teensy look at a couple of my designs. I have lots of beautiful arrangement ideas that are a little out of the ordinary, but I will keep that my little secret for now.

I would love to hear your thoughts !
Do you like ? :-)

A pretty tray cloth just found itself being recycled as wrapping paper.

and a 90 year old lace doily has put the finishing touch on the same blooms and given it another look.
A simple clear cello sheet over the top holds it all together.

and then I pulled all of those apart, added some Lillie's and remade it into this.
This time I used a rusty old pink tin box to arrange my flowers in.

                                 So now it's feedback time !
If you were to order flowers for yourself or a friend would vintage be your style ?
                 Would you prefer traditional, vintage or modern ?

                      Big hugs to you all and thanks for visiting !


  1. What a marvellous idea to use vintage linens to wrap your beautiful bouquets! That will set you aside from the competition. For myself, I would choose vintage, big blowsy pink roses and peonies, with eucalyptus and something like box for the foliage. I wish you all the best for your start-up, and I am sure business will be booming!

  2. I absolutely love your ideas and arrangements. I think you are going to be incredibly successful and I wish you all the best

  3. So gorgeous, Melanie!
    I love the vintage look! if you lived here I would tell my hubby to only buy flowers from YOU for me!
    Did you get my email address? I will send it again, actually it is on my blog if you want to contact me!
    Hugs, girl! let me know when you have time to sew a cushion!

  4. Oh MEL...these simply take my breath away!!!! This would be what my brain would conjure up as my favorite bouquet...GORGEOUS ...GORGEOUS!!!!!! LOVE LOVE fav flowers and color for flowers...You have out done yourself!!! : )

    tons of hugs and roses to you : ) Love the new name! sounds a bit American though : ) LOL!!!! love you!

  5. Oh, this makes me want to rush out and buy flowers! I should stop spending so much money on books.

  6. I love this! Love the embroidered scarf with the flowers - such a great idea for a gift. Is it ok for me to pin this idea & save it?

    1. Jenny thanks so much for asking, I appreciate you asking me first. Yes you can pin it but would you mind linking it back to my blog please.

  7. Trovo questo blog dolce e romantico!Adoro il rosa e il romantico,divento follower!A presto,Rosetta

  8. vintage, just the way you have been making them. Love them. I took floral design classes and always wanted to work in a flower shop. You are doing amazing things! Will you be able to ship to people? I guess to the US just wouldn't work, too far away and too expensive!