Saturday, 13 April 2013

And Suddenly My New Business Was Born !

Mayflowers Vintage Florist

Born 12/4/13 on a sunny Friday morning at 9am.

and I am the very proud Mummy !

Yes I have taken the giant step of starting a brand new business.
It is a leap into the unknown and an open invitation to create with my heart however I wish.
As a proud new parent of a business I expect sleepless nights (buying flowers at the markets when everybody is in bed sleeping)  and one day opening a wonderful store.
For now I will begin my empire at home.  
I will watch my skills develop and my confidence grow and then one day I will fly.
I kind of feel as though I am at the leaping off the top branch of a tree and not wanting to look down but I have to to be able to see how I will land safely.
It is a scary thought but I guess one that will test my own faith in myself.
One things for certain, I will have 3 special angels with me every step of the way.
The 'May' in Mayflowers represents my Grandmother and her sister who both shared May in their names.  
It also represents my little baby angel Lily May. 
I know that these precious girls will guide me safely on my new path and be smiling down on me from heaven.
I do wish that I could see my Grandmother's and Aunties faces right now. They started my love of flowers when I was about 5 years old. Each Sunday my Grandmother would visit her sister May. On leaving Aunty May would pick a big bunch of roses from her garden to send home to me.
I remember being so excited that somebody wanted to give me, a child, flowers. I truly felt so adored and I know indeed I was. 
 My Grandmother and my Aunty both lived into their 90's. 
They looked a lot alike and both were beautiful souls who nurtured and loved their families.
Both of these women meant the world to me. I know that they are only a heartbeat away.  I know that they will be so proud right now.
Isn't it funny how small events in a child's life, can turn into a passion many years down the track. That one small and sweet gesture of flowers has inspired me to make it a career.

For now, 'Mayflowers Vintage Florist' will work from home, but one day a little shopfront will appear somewhere just right and it will be a dream come true.
I have the whole place decorated from floor to ceiling in my head. The walls are painted, buckets of flowers are everywhere and I am standing behind the counter smiling.
If I close my eyes then I can almost smell the perfume in the air.

Can you see it too ?

So as I create my new range I will share.
Pictured below are my first designs.
Pretty cottage style blooms in vintage teacups.

A view from the top !

There is something very old fashioned and kitch about the humble Carnation. They are cheap and cheerful and have a delicious scent. These pale lemon blooms with pink tips remind me so much of my Grandmother so it was only right to create something pretty with them. Carnations have been out of vogue for some years now but I am making it my business to bring them back.  In the perfect arrangement they look  very vintage and smell soooo good !

SO that my friends, is the reason that I haven't been blogging as frequently as usual. I have been planning and organising and writing plans. I have sat and dreamt and I have achieved my ultimate plan of doing what I love and the rest will follow.
Bucket loads of money will never make me happy but I know that buckets full of flowers and the love of my family and friends will.
If we don't enjoy the ride then we definately will not enjoy the destination.  My destination is happiness and I like to think that I will sprinkle a little of it on my path for other to follow behind me.

So as this little Phoenix rises from the ashes, she will not turn back around and look behind her. Instead she will focus on the here and now and enjoy her journey to 'Happyville' !

Wish me luck as I skip off into the sunset with my basket full of blooms !  ( visions of Dorothy in her ruby slippers skipping up the yellow brick road come to mind !)

                                  Enjoy your weekends !


  1. Che dolce poesia sono i fiori!E' così bello avere in casa fiori!Carini i fiori nelle tazze!Congratulazioni per la nuova attività!Rosetta

  2. Sweet Melanie, I have already told you on Facebook how happy I am for you. :-) You are so passionate about flowers and you are an amazing florist too! I am completely in love your bouquets. I work for a flower shop, although I am not a florist myself...I adore flowers very much and it is wonderful to see you making so much improvement and already entering the door of your dreams! Best luck and I am looking forward to see you grow more and more :-) xox

  3. Congrats on your new venture! I can't wait for you to share all your new experiences with us. It's such a joy to find your passion & share it with the world. I'm sure you'll do fine because you already were. {{{Hugs}}}

  4. Wonderful! Congratulations!

  5. Oh congratulations now you are fully set up! I wish you the greatest success! What a lovely meaningful and heartfelt name for your business, with many wonderful memories. Thankyou for sharing your first displays-I really love the teacup arrangements!

  6. Melanie.
    I love your shop at home name! I am so excitd and happy for you. the florals in the teacups are so sweet and would be perfect mother's day gifts....You are an inspiration to me! I have a few tea cups I can give away!
    Take care and let us know all the details!
    Heart hugs,

  7. Oh my sweet friend! Big hugs and congratulations to you! I am so excited for you! Those teacup arrangements are just beautiful! I love the pink and yellow together. You are so creative. The name is perfect too. I know tour sweet Mays are living yet through your loving hands.
    All the best to you on this journey over the rainbow!

  8. Melanie, I am mesmerized as I read this post. I am positive we are soul sisters, because my heart and soul yearns to do the exact same thing with my business. And my seeds of desire were planted very very young, just as yours were, from grandmothers and great aunts, beautiful sweet souls who touched me as a young child in a way I never imagined. I am going to print out this post somehow and tape it up above my sewing desk and reread it to remind me why I am trying so hard when I have one of those days. I wish you so much success. I wish I lived near you so I could be your best customer. I love carnations, and I think your creations are ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL. As I read your post I am in your soon to be shop, smelling the flowers, and feeling the excitement of your new business blooming. I wish I lived there so I could paint flowers blooming on the walls. My best wishes and prayers are with you, but I already know in my heart you will be very successful and brighten the lives of many!

  9. Putting up a business surely takes giant steps and large seats to fill in. While working with your passion, there are also technical factors that need to be attended too. Starting small is a start move. Use the early stages as training ground until you've gained confidence to take on larger markets. I wish you and your business nothing but the best!
    Vernia @ Onesixtyfourth