Monday, 24 June 2013

Beautiful Old Cross Stitch Samplers

Good morning friends :-)

After not blogging regularly for weeks due to my new business I have such a backlog of things to show you all.

I thought that I would begin with this little pile of French cross stitch samplers.
They are a work of art all by themselves but I have a friend who absolutely loves these samplers and I have been slowly collecting them for her to send her. I don't want to tell you who she is or it will spoil the surprise but I am sure she knows who I am talking about

I am sure that she will love cross stitching these samplers and I think that it's a wonderful thing that they will be brought to life once again.
I used to cross stitch many years ago but with my brood of children it is highly unlikely that I will find time to do one. If the truth be known, I began a cross stitch for my son 14 years ago and it still hasn't been finished and he is now 13 !   I had given myself a year to make it before he came along but apparently this project may end up being his own child's one day......oops !

Well you can't rush these things can you ? 

I will instead wait to see what my friend will create with these patterns and then I can show you.

A little bit of rosy red brightens up the blue

I particularly love this one. Imagine the rose in a pendant hanging around your neck. GORGEOUS !!
or maybe in a cushion or trim to a pretty dress.
Maybe I could try the rose before I send it off to my friend ?

or maybe not ........

 It is sooooo chilly here in Australia right now. Winter is upon us and school break has begun.
Every week another member of my family celebrates a birthday and almost every weekend the whole family embarks on our home for yet another birthday cake. It is so funny :-)
Each week we discuss what cake we will be having the following week.
Next week it is my turn to blow out the birthday candles so I am thinking of what type of cake I will have.  Any ideas ?
We have had a cheesecake, a sponge, ice cream cake and yesterday we had a chocolate cake for my son.
We are seriously all caked out !  lol

I would love to hear any particularly yummy cakes that you can suggest that I might try. I know that there are many great cooks out there amongst you all.


  1. Hi Melanie, it's always such a treat to come visit you. You never know what beautiful thing you will see. I love these French cross stitch samplers, simply beautiful.
    Sending blessing.

  2. Hi Melanie,
    These cross-stitch patterns are beautiful! I did a lot of samplers in my younger days as well.
    Thanks for stopping by and introducing yourself. I believe I'm already following along.
    Mary Alice

  3. Melanie,
    I love cross stitch, so thoughtful of you to think of me......oh, maybe it ISN"T me ! LOL Should you ever find some with actual french words on them I would LOVE to purchase them from you. I absolutely adore your old bowl! I hope I am the one who gets THAT with one of your beautiful bouquets in it! Is that for sale? are you SURE you don't want to have an Etsy store again? I just didnt' blog when you were doing that, I am so sad that I missed out on your store!
    Your things are always so gorgeous, I agree with Marlene on that one.....I am so glad your special friend will get this! SHE will adore it! (I promise not to tell!) I do have some old english cross stitch patterns, and I really should do a post on my cross stitching....That would be many things to post about!
    Hugs and hearts to you, girl, I love your style!

    1. Oh Betsy thankyou for all of those head is getting bigger by the minute ! lol
      I may take up my Etsy store again sometime but for now I am concentrating on my new business. Watch this space though because I do have a lot to sell if I get a chance. I didn't understand the whole concept of Etsy and nor did I have the time to network with other sellers so that didn't help.
      I will keep an eye out for more of these cross stitches because my Mum and now you are dying to get their hands on these ! lol
      These are a promise to another friend though unfortunately.
      Thanks for popping in to say hello and if flowers would last travelling across the miles to you I would send you a teacup posy for sure ! Isn't the bowl gorgeous.....$20 at a flea market. I paid the lady and ran off before she could change her mind about the price. It is exquisite xo

  4. Melanie,oh Melanie, do you hear me hollering!? Could it be ME you are thinking of? Oh but what if you mean someone else. How embarrassed I would be. That is when I got caught hanging around her post box waiting for a package from you to arrive and snitching it! Those are SO perfect! Oh be still my heart. I sure hope you are happy, getting me all excited like this! Now I have a winter craft all ready for the cold days of winter. I love stitching by the fire. But it will have to wait a bit. We are just now getting into the first few days of summer, and 100 degree days are coming soon!
    Oh but I will be so excited to take photos of these goodies with all kinds of brikabrack and notions around them. My mind is already working on a vignette with those for a center piece. you've got me all a twitter!
    You are a dear sweet friend.

    1. hahahahahahaha I am saying absolutely nothing !!!!!!
      I actually have a full scale cross stitch war going on with them at the moment because everybody wants them ! lol
      I guess you will just have to wait and see xoxo
      (I wish you could see me laughing right now !)

  5. Oh and bad bad me. May you have a joyous and happy birthday! I hope it's the best one ever!
    Have pie and throw them a curve ball!

  6. How precious these are! They will look so gorgeous stitched.