Friday, 21 June 2013

THURSDAY FLOWERS Roses and Brussel Sprouts

Yes I know that it's Friday but I have been a busy little bee this week !

My bloggy life is becoming fewer and far between but I will not disappear altogether I promise !
When time permits, I will be here with bells on to say hello and inspire you all with antique and vintage gorgeousness.

My new business is off to strong and sturdy start and is completely keeping me on my toes. 
Today I began with a lazy coffee morning with an old friend and an hour later there were orders coming in and it ended up a crazy day of creating and delivering.
It is fun and rewarding and it is simply a wonderful way to spend the day.

Today one of my customers chose a sweet old terrine/candy dish and she only had one had to be mauve/purple.

I gathered a couple of touches of her colour choice and teamed them with Brussel Sprouts, Gerberas, Hydrangea, Bud wax, Kale and Roses.

Scroll down for eye candy :-)

The artichoke didn't quite work today because of it's size but I have plans for it tomorrow !
The bright green Kale was so lovely and fresh and looked stunning against the purple Gerberas and Hydrangea.

  A nice cup of 'Yorkshire Tea' topped my morning off nicely.
 It was very nice tea that I hadn't tried before.




 So that was my day in the sunshine !
Tomorrow I have a little friend of mine coming over to 'play' in my flower studio. You will have to pop in next week because I will be posting photo's next week of what my little friend makes.
This little darling's name is Laura and when she grows up she wants to be a florist. I cannot wait to see the world of flowers through a child's eyes. She is such a little sweety !

       I hope that this post sees you all happy, healthy and smiling. 
                                Enjoy your weekend


  1. Hi Mel- wow that is so pretty. I love the arrangement and covet that awesome china vessel it is in!

    Happy Winter Solstice to you all "Down Under" us!


  2. Just gorgeous, Melanie! you have such an eye for the florals in the vintage pieces! I LOVE that you are doing this!
    Just wish I could see it in real life!

  3. A beautiful post Melanie. I love your interesting use of vegetables. Eye candy as you so rightly put it. Enjoy your day with your little friend tomorrow.

  4. Your flower arrangements are always so gorgeous...but when you mix them with my favorite veggies and vintage china...well what can I say...they are AMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZING!!!!!! with a CAPITAL AMAZING!!!!!! You are blossoming more and more each and everyday if that is possible! This is really your calling because everything you touch turns into something simply gorgeous! I hope and pray that everything is going wonderfully down under!!! :) and that the family is great! Think of you all the time and hopefully we will talk soon in real time! : ) Sending tons of hugs and love your way!!!!

  5. Hi Melanie, you are one talented lady. This arrangement is absolutely gorgeous. I'm so happy for that, what a blessing that you find yourself doing what you love and you are so good at it. This arrangement take me back a bit. I worked for a few years in a florist shop in Germany. This beautiful arrangement reminds so much of the non traditional European style with the use of vegetables. I know and declare that God will continue to bless you.

  6. Great idea to mix up flowers and vegetables! Amazing result!