Tuesday, 11 June 2013

From The Dressing Table Of Mayflowers Vintage Florist

'Yes.......a dressing table in a florist store !'

Well you already know that I never quite fit the conventional 'anything' really.......
and you know that I have started this business of mine on a shoe string. I have literally used anything that I had lying around to deck out my new digs ! lol
and THAT means that anything at all goes !

Storage is the number one issue in anyone's office.
We all need a junk draw to hide away ugly looking office supplies to tidy things up and we all need display areas to show off our goods for sale.

Well, I think that my old dressing table fit the bill quite nicely.
My wires, boxes and scrappy ends of ribbon are all hiding in these draws and on the top of the dressing table you'll find the display items.
It was a perfect for for my vintage theme and solved a whole host of storage issues, it was cheap as I didn't have to outlay money for a new cupboard and I think it looks delightful :-)

                          Here are a few pics of what I have on display !

Do you love the old vintage umbrella that I found on my flea marketing travels !
Yes I know that some of you will flip out at the umbrella being up inside, but I am not really all that superticious so it doesn't really bother me.  I would rather see it open and looking pretty rather then  having it closed up and unseen.
My favourite thing about the dressing table is that I have somewhere to hang my antique greeting cards that I adore so much.  I have them strung up on lace tied from each corner of the mirror and now I can enjoy them as I work. 

 and my new friend 'Mabel' looks perfect in the setting too !
(you can read about Mabel in the post above this one so simply scroll up !)
 You honestly didn't think that I would show you the mess inside the drawers did you ! lol
                                              NO WAY !...........cheeky smile

 So the moral to this story is to simply step outside the square when it comes to decorating either a room inside your home, or office.
There must be items around you that can be re purposed into something useful rather then going out and buying 'more stuff' to clog up the world with.

Old furniture and wares were built to last where as new things today are not built to last at all.  Use your creativity and at the same time you will leave a softer footprint on this world of ours and keep it cleaner for our children to use long after we are gone.


  1. Mel it looks GORGEOUS!!!!

    Love every picture!

  2. Love, LOVE LOVE IT ALL!!!!
    I am going to do that in my ROOM!!!! it's gorgeous, Melanie!

  3. Totally fits the bill! Functional and beautiful!

  4. Hello Melanie!!
    Good grief, it's been so long since I visiting your blog!!! It's so pretty...alll the flowers, the new dress forms, the dresser and your decor!!
    Your shop is really coming along beautifully!! I know you're so busy you can't find out which way you're turning!!
    The flowers oh the flowers....and those delightful china pieces on that dresser!!! YUM!! I love the creamer you are using for your business cards!! So sweet! Can't wait to see what all you do with that gorgeous dress form.
    I've really been so busy it's been like I've had no life of my own. This week has finally slowed down a bit (although we STILL had to go out of town again this weekend!!), but I have finally decided to spend a bit of time on the computer with my blog. I usually relax with Pinterest...not blogging!!
    There's just something about lazing around and pinning. I love to see pretty stuff.
    Well tonight I got busy and put together the newest collage I wanted to work on. It takes a lot of time, but it's really a lot of fun and play.
    I'm so glad too that you liked your box. I wanted to give you a surprise!!
    Well, I think I better work on a post!! It's already Wednesday and I haven't started yet!!
    Hugs to my my sweet friend!

  5. Really beautiful vintage place! I feel old times when I look on your photots :)