Thursday, 13 June 2013

THURSDAY FLOWERS, Mabel Plays Dress Ups !

On a dreary, wet Winters day, Mabel played dress ups ! (Mabel is a vintage dress formShe was tired of standing in the one spot for what seemed like forever and she thought that her wirey frame needed a face lift.

So the Queen of Mayflowers (Me.....hehe) decided to play !

Out came the roses, wire and secateurs.
(think Edward Scizzorhand)

Now Mabel is smiling with delight with her new look !
She has her purse, her dance card and she is ready for her handsome prince to pick her up !
(I don't have the heart to tell her that, that is probably never going to happen)

I think Mabel would look a treat welcoming guests at a wedding function and that in fact will be her new role.
Wedding or events will be her forte.
She is very much looking forward to her new title
'Lady Mabel Of Mayflowers'

She will be the belle of the ball as well as the token mascot of my business.

Hot pinks, red, pale peachy pink and white roses adorn her frame


                    Mabel's 1950's purse matches her dress perfectly !

 and after all of the creating had finished, Queen Melanie of Mayflowers began the clean up just as the rain softly began to fall outside.


                 and THAT my friends, is the end of my story !


  1. Bellissima e romantica creazione!Da sogno!Rosetta

  2. GREAT story! Her lovely neck garland is so brilliant!

  3. Melanie,
    I love Mabel's rose garland necklace! I love rose garlands....I made one for my neices wedding it seems like a long time ago now.....It hung on the front of a chair that sat at the guest book table, with lots of roses and leaves and Plumosa fern with white ribbon bows on eaither end and hanging down on each side and the ribbon tails swayed in the breeze, that became a gale wind and we had to stop the reception early! It had been a nice warm sunny day, and turned into a high winds evening! But it was fun while it lasted! We had to take the cake inside so the cake backgrop would not land on it because the backdrop was REALLY swaying in the wind. But I loved the look of the garland, I don't hink a picture was even taken of it...but I enjoyed making it.
    LOVE all your flowers. I have been buying fresh flowers lately and I think I could get REALLY addicted to them! I have3 miniature roses in my yard, and other flowers I can cut and use fresh. But these flowers I ahve been getting are beautiful and not very expensive...Roses....
    Such fun you are having! Wil you be able to let them dry on her and stay there for awhile? That would be beautiful also, a dried flower necklace!

  4. OH! I love your white and peach chair, and I also have some of those pink lilies at my house in a vase!

  5. Mabel looks beautiful, roses surely are her signature flowers! I hope our look like that soon, but summer has been slow to arrive, with very little spring, and eveything is behind schedule this year.

  6. Mabel is simply fantastic - very chic and beautiful!

  7. Hi Melanie, love your story and what can I say about your Mabel. She is gorgeous with her rose garland, omg the flowers are so beautiful. I love her skirt and purse, so beautiful. It looks like you had a lot fun dressing up your Mabel. Blessings>

  8. Mable is very pretty, you must have had fun dressing her. Love her purse.