Thursday, 19 September 2019

My Flowery Little World

 Hello long lost friends 

It's me, Melanie 

Yes it's really me !

I thought I would pop on over to my bloggy world and say hello to you all and show you why my blog posts are so few and far between.

You may remember that I opened my own flower business called MAYFLOWERS VINTAGE FLORIST

Mayflowers has my heart, it has my soul and I absolutely love running my own business.
My love of all things antique and vintage still remains. In fact I have combined my passions and I have combined both of these things with flowers.

My signature designs are my VINTAGE TEACUP POSIES. 
 A fresh flower design built into gorgeous old teacups.

Antique lace and ribbons that you may remember I am obsessed over, are now put to good use trimming bridal bouquets.

I have worked on many, many weddings and I have sent countless bunches and arrangements far and wide.
The flower world has captured my heart, hook, line and sinker.

Please enjoy these few pretty pics from my flower studio captured by my friend Dea from Little Black Bow Photography.

I will be back from time to time to say hello, but in the meantime please pop over to my website to see what my flower world is all about.
You will also find me on Facebook and Instagram.

or Mayflowers Vintage Florist on social media.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Peachy Pink Wedding Flowers

Good afternoon !

Yes it has been a while once again……..sorry

I have so many beautiful flower images to share from weddings and other work that I have been doing.
This particular wedding was a must to share.

The wedding of Jaye and Dave was such a wonderful event.
I had grand plans of travelling up to the Hunter Valley vineyards (Australia), to the location but it wasn't meant to be (my son broke his collarbone and we spent the afternoon in the hospital but that's another story)

Jaye and Dave and their precious daughter Poppy celebrated in style at the stunning Tocal Homestead.

Jaye chose such a pretty colour palette for me to work with.
Lots of peachy pinks,pale pinks, creamy whites and green foliages and berries.
She had a vision but she mostly left it up to me to make the final decisions which was such a great honour.
Jaye's tiny daughter Poppy wore a sweet little flower crown and she looked as cute as a button.

The happy couple :)
(adoring the wedding gown)

 The bridal bouquet consisted of Tuberose, Queen Anne's Lace, Peris, Peonies and Roses.  The fragrance was intoxicating.

The bridesmaids bouquets consisted of a smaller version of the bridal bouquet.

                         Ready and waiting to be collected.
         Lots and lots of hard work sitting right there in that box.

                 I love my flowery little corner of the world !

Sending out a HUGE hello to all of my long lost bloggy friends around the world. I miss you all like crazy !!

Andrea, Doni, Michelle, Betsy  and so many more. I am alive and well and loving my work. Can you believe that I can finally justify all of the lace, doilies and other vintage treasures that I have collected over time…….lol
If you would like to see what I have been up to then you can find my business page on Facebook under MAYFLOWERS VINTAGE FLORIST. It would be so fantastic for you to pop in and say hi.

                                      Until next time…..

Friday, 27 June 2014

Hello Petals, It's Me !

                                        Hello friends
                                    Yes it really is me !

                                      I have been busy
                      making people smile with my flowers.

                                      It really is a joy

         I thought you might all like to see what I can do now.

I like to put flowers on EVERYTHING……..including shoes !

       Above….. This image taken by the very lovely Beth Powell from Powell Photography.
Taken on a vintage fashion modelling shoot at a beautiful Lavender farm in the Hunter Valley, NSW Australia.   I was so fortunate to be part of this amazing shoot.

 Of course I made sure that there was a tea party on the modelling shoot.
I even had the super stunning models munching on beautiful cookies at the end of our busy day.

and I have also been making lots of lovely brides flower wishes come true.  Seeing their faces on their wedding day when I deliver their blooms is absolutely priceless !
What a wonderful gift flowers are.
The bouquets pictured above belonged to a beautiful bride Danielle.
She longed for a very forest inspired rustic bouquet.
I almost didn't want to give it to her on the day, I loved it soooo much.

Images by Rachael Fowler Photography.
(You are a clever lady Rach)

and then I love to create one off pieces with a little bit of difference.
Working with antique china of course !

If only you could smell these garden roses…

Last but not least are the pretty flower crowns.
This one below has been a personal favourite.

My flea market and antiquing days aren't nearly as frequent as once before.  But I have to admit my heart beats double time when I walk into the flower market in the wee hours of the morning and a gazillion flowers are there to greet me……

Life is fun, fullfilling and full of challenges.   I find it tricky to blog these days but I will pop in to share a story or some pretty eye candy whenever I can.

                      I really do miss you all so much !

I dedicate this flowery post to my dearest friend Andrea who inspired my wonderful journey to begin.  She offered a challenge and I dared to take it.   It is never too late to change your life…..

             Go on……..go out on a limb and reach for the stars.
                            it really is inspiring up there in the sky.

                                      Love to you all

Saturday, 8 February 2014

My Marie Antoinette Flower Range For Valentines Day

           It seems as though I have been missing in action from
                      FRENCH BLUE AND PEACHY PINK
                                             for eternity

                                  In a nut shell this is why.
     My world of flowers has filled my world of time to capacity.
         Taking stunning photo's of my antiques is now a luxury.
                            Now I spend my days creating beautiful flowers for the outside world.

My flower studio is slowly growing and expanding and I have lots and lots of happy brides booking me in to create flowers for their weddings.  I adore every moment and yes I can honestly say that I am living the dream.

This week coming will be a super busy if not crazy onwith the most romantic day of the year descending on us all..........VALENTINE

     My website is sooo close to going live now (maybe Monday).

Their are lots of very excited customers and friends who are looking forward to seeing my new site so I thought that I would showcase
                        MY NEW MARIE ANTOINETTE flower range.

It has something for every budget in mind.
From a single stemmed rose to an elegant rose tower that would have had Marie Antoinette squealing in delight !

                     Scroll down and take a sneaky peek........

                  I hope you love my creations as much as I do !

For my Mayflowers Vintage Florist customers I am taking orders now for these designs.  You will find my details on my face book site for ordering.

Friday, 13 December 2013

French Blue and Peachy Pink Makes Her Comeback !!!!!!



After what seems to be an eternity without a computer and running my whole life through my phone, I have just been surprised with a nice shiny white laptop from my darling husband.
I am SUPER EXCITED to be blogging again !!
I just need to learn how to drive this new toy of mine and start snapping away again on my camera !


I have completed my Floristry course after 2 years and I'm now a fully qualified Florist......YIPPEE

I have opened my own little flowery business. Just from home at the moment but a store is definitely on the cards in the future. Oh the fun that I will have there !!!!!

My antiquing has slowed down a LOT (boooo) due to now having a business and having other priorities BUT that does not mean that I have stopped collecting antiques altogether.
I have joined my love of antique, lace, vintage and flowers into one big fat happy spectrum (I will share details about that another time)

I am busy busy busy creating beautiful Christmas wreaths and table centrepieces at the moment for the upcoming 'Silly Season'

I have created amazing bridal bouquets for some very happy brides

There is so much to share and I will definately be catching you up on my learning with Thursday Flowers.

I cannot promise you daily blogposts like before but I will at least be blogging again when I can fit it in between flowery creations.

                                        SO THAT'S MY NEWS, WHAT'S YOURS ?

I will look forward to chatting again and reading up on so many of my favourite blogs to see what everybody has been up to.

Thursday, 15 August 2013

THURSDAY FLOWERS.........Roses and Ranuculas

                    Hello my lovely friends !

In my busy little corner of the world I have been creating up a storm making lots of beautiful bunches and arrangements and booking happy brides in for their special days.
Life as a florist is amazing and I am completely in love with what I do.  Who knew that work could be so addictive and fulfilling. 
Why on earth didn't I chose this path years and years ago ???

I have had very little time for blogging which I am missing terribly but it also means that I have not had a whole lot of time to go antiquing hoo

Instead I pass the time making beautiful art with flowers.  
I regularly find myself smiling as I do this.  I LOVE it !

Today I have been busy preparing for a market day that I am part of.  I have been making lots of teacup posies, bunches, arrangements and some little cupcake posies. Tomorrow I have something new to make to add to my repertoire. I always have something a little different each month to entice my customers.  There was no time for pics today but I will take some tomorrow and post a few for you to see here on my blog.

This pic above is a bunch of loveliness that I delivered to a customer today.  
Roses, Ranuculas and Dusty Miller all wrapped up in a pretty vintage supper cloth.  A beautiful combination !
I kept the colour palette very soft and pretty because the customer loves pretty pink flowers and I have to admit I DO TOO ! lol

               Wishing you all loads of happiness and love.

Monday, 29 July 2013

Flea Market Finds

My cat actually woke me up on the day of the flea  market.
It was 6 am...........oops I slept in !

Yes it is always a very early start but believe it or not 6am wake up is heartbreaking because all of the antique dealers have been through the flea market by this time. They have been there since 4:30am with their torches looking for goodies for their stores.
Hats off to them, because no amount of cool finds will ever get me out of bed in the middle of Winter at 4am.......brrrr

I arrived at 7am and everything was completely picked over and their were spaces everywhere on tables where treasures had once been.........sigh !

The pickings were very slim but I did manage to find some bargains for my Florist store.
Vases and jugs were on top of my list and yes I found some ! YAY

I also found an old vintage baby basket for $5, perfect for carrying my flowers around to markets and very strong and durable.
An old metal bucket completed my haul and off I trotted home to clean and display my new found goodies.

Here are my items found.

 Rusty old tins, Victorian era pottery, Carlton ware biscuit jar, vintage gloves, lace tablecloths and old bottles for my flowers.

 This old Victorian era jardiniere (below left) is my favourite purchase.

 and this dear little bath salt bottle is an original. It's original labels are peeling off the back but the pretty floral label on the front is still intact. The lid has long gone but that won't matter a bit once I get my flowers displayed in it !
                                        How lovely the babies basket is !
 Can you believe that babies were allowed to travel in these baskets in cars until the late 1970's. No seat belts or harness. It is so scary to think about it. I remember sitting next to my baby brother on a very hot vinyl seat in mid Summer in one of these baskets. How fortunate that safety regulations have improved over the years.

 I am always on the look out for old vintage metal buckets for my flowers. The price for these buckets can be ridiculous at times but this one was $7 so I was happy to pay that price.  These buckets have been around 'since the arc' and almost never die like more modern buckets.  
I also picked up 2 pairs of vintage gloves. 1 lace and 1 plain with little rosettes over it (oops I forgot to get closeups)

 These goodies of mine are now all washed up and ready to sell in my florist studio full of flowers.  All one off pieces and totally gorgeous. The thrill of the chase looking for antiques is half the fun but recycling these wonderful pieces into amazing arrangements will be even more fun. The real test will be parting with these treasures !
I hope your weekend was filled with lots of sunshine and fun !